Family Law

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Areas of Family Law We Can Help You With

Most people think of divorce attorneys when they hear the term, “family law”. Dissolution of marriage is certainly one aspect of family law but it’s not the only area where we can be of service to our clients. In truth, family law is likely involved where any legal issues intersect with familial relations, through birth, legal adoption, or marriage.

Dissolution of Marriage

The decision to divorce can be emotionally draining and stressful. Whenever possible, we try to help our clients proceed with an amicable divorce. In some cases, it may be more difficult to arrive at a resolution. We take the time to listen to all the information that’s unique to your marriage to help protect your interests.


For fathers, protecting your right to have a relationship with and help raise your child can be more complicated than it is for the biological mother. Fathers who are not put on a birth certificate often have no right to the child until legal paternity has been established. We work with fathers to protect their rights as parents and their ability to have close relationships with their children going forward.

Child Support

We work with clients on both sides of the child support issue. This might mean working for your best interest if you’ve been awarded child support, as well as looking out for your rights when you’re the one paying. It is important that you maintain your own records of payments sent and received so that you have proof in the event there’s a dispute. Child support is determined as a percentage based on your income. Personal and professional changes can impact these figures and you’re within your rights to petition the court to increase or decrease payments, as life circumstances dictate.

Child Custody

We work with our clients to organize the sometimes complex issues of whom the parent with majority time-sharing will be and how to schedule visitation. It’s important to get these custodial issues worked out legally so that your parenting rights are protected.


We work with parents in cases where one parent, usually the parent with majority time-sharing, needs to relocate for work or other life situations.

Temporary Custody by Extended Family

The law often favors custody by a biological parent but that’s not always in the best interest of the child. We work with clients to help gain temporary custody in situations where the biological parents cannot or should not be the primary caretaker for the child.

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